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How to lose unwanted pounds

• Losing weight to improve the health is considered much effective than just getting rid of unwanted pounds for better reflection in the mirror. We must make us better inside- it's very important. That means combination of a healthy diet, exercises and positive mood. And to succeed in something we should have a proper compelling reason in order not to lose our goals. So before starting dieting you should determine your objectives to lose weight.

• Every person has his own health peculiarities and you shouldn't forget about it. Some people just can't and don't need to lose weight. They may need slightly reducing of the blood sugar level for example. So before choosing a diet and exercise regime you'd better do a blood test, check for mineral deficiencies, make the main and special medical tests and just consult your doctor.

• Muscle mass weighs more than fat that means that you can gain in weight instead of losing it if you're doing weight training and effective exercises. And it's good. You shouldn't worry because visually you'll become slim and slender and you get ripped improving your health. The number of pounds in such situation doesn't play a role.

• To measure the results is better by body fat percent with a body fat scale or calipers and not by a simple scale. If you have such a possibility than do it once a month. Men's percentage of fat should be between 15-25% and no lower than 4%. Women's fat percentage should be higher because of menstruation and pregnancy requirements and be 20-30% and not lower than 15%. If you have no opportunity to measure your body fat percent you can judge about the results looking how your clothes fit you.

• The process of losing weight is rather easy to describe in several words. You reduce the number of calories you consume a day, increase your activity and therefore a net loss of calories is caused by burning a certain amount of calories and your body has to use its own stores of fat.

• You should decide how much exercise you need according to the following facts: how much muscle you'd like to gain, how fast you want to lose weight and your menu and daily calorie intake. Let's count- 3500 calories is one pound. The safe amount of burnt fat during a week for women is one pound, for men two pounds. It means that for reaching the goals and successful weight loss men should run a 3500-7000 calorie deficit a week and for women this number makes 1750-3500. If you lose more calories than suggested you are likely to lose muscle mass instead of fat.

• Weight training processes and their results differ among men and women and depend on their goals. A little amount of testosterone doesn't let women build large muscles and become bulky and the rapid growth of muscles appears if only a woman is training 3 hours each day or is taking steroids. The start for both male and female beginners should be 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. The exercise should be done with the heaviest weight you manage to lift. But be careful- consult specialists and make the exercising program suitable for you in order to prevent injuries and proper gaining of muscle.  There are a lot of sites and other sources of information which will help you and where you'll find various kinds of exercises and complexes.

• Burning fat our body takes it from all over the body and only proper aerobic exercises and a healthy diet will help you to get rid of unwanted fat in your problematic areas.

• If you want to see some results in a close future you should choose the food containing a very little amount of sugars (including molasses, glucose, fructose, corn syrup) or not containing them at all.  Remember that corn syrup with high fructose level is full of sugar. Check the food labels and be careful.

• You need food to live. Don't forget that our body is like a air-plain. It will not fly without fuel as well as we won't act without food. It's the main source of energy.

• Sometimes but very rarely you can let yourself a little portion of favorite food. But try to find the compromise. You can make the dish yourself and cut the amount of calories. It will be much healthier in comparison to public restaurants where it will contain more fat. But you should replace it with more exercise later in order to burn the consumed calories.

• We all know the belief about horrible results of eating after 6 p.m. you should distinguish between a healthy reasonable dinner which will help your body to prepare for the next day and overeating of high-fat food. You'll never have healthy sleep if you go in bed hungry. A low fat milk, high fiber cereal in proper portion will maintain the metabolic processes while you sleep.

• To keep you're the balanced body chemistry and healthy energy levels you should take enough minerals and vitamins during you're dieting. They play a very important role in the process of healthy weight loss. Multivitamin is what you really need and not only now but always.

• To reduce soreness you should save some calories for potassium and protein with the help of bananas and eggs.

• Stretching is an important part of losing weight and getting ripped. It increases your flexibility and strength.

• A healthy diet contains the proper daily amount of sodium and prepared food contains 30% of your daily value. Consuming too much sodium will cause retaining water weight. So be careful and cut down the amount of sodium to needed proportions.

• Your body will retain fats for energy if you skip meals. Don't forget that if you want to succeed in weight loss regular exercises are important as well as regular healthy meals.

• To prevent the plateau of metabolism and keep its level high you'd better mix the foods. You need to consume a variety of foods to continue to lose weight because the same food makes body used to it and it can cause the decrease of metabolism.


• Dieting doesn't mean starving. If you reduce your calorie intake to the unhealthy level your metabolism will run slow and you'll lose weight slowly, your body won't be able to process potassium and after you stop to starve you'll get back even more weight than you lost. Remember that bulimia or anorexia is very dangerous diseases and they will not only damage your health but can lead even to death.

• Doing weight exercises you shouldn't focus on a single muscle or group but you should pay attention to all muscles. Overbuilding of one muscle group and not enough training of others will lead to silly look and far from good- looking posture. Be careful and create your weight training regime together with professional.

• Your doctor or dietitian must be the first persons you consult before you start dieting and training if you have health problems. We speak about serious medical conditions including diabetes, asthma, the allergy to protein or other products which is very important in making your dietary plan.

• You can easily gain the weight back if you take drugs during the dieting. No harmful drugs and you'll succeed.

• The decision to take dietary supplements or not must be made carefully. Not all people get enough minerals and nutrients from simple food. Many of us are below the recommended daily intake of vitamins and other ingredients we need to sustain life. So it's better to consult your doctor to decide whether you need supplements or not and how much of them you should take.

• If you lose more than one or two pounds a week something is wrong. You shouldn't forget that it's better to lose weight slowly in order to prevent adverse effects on your health. Too quick loss of weight can be really dangerous and results not in getting a good shape but in great health problems.

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