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* What is ECA stack?

What is ECA stack?

ECA or ECA stack is the most renowned abbreviation for wonderful trio:
E - Ephedra, C - Caffeine, and A - Aspirin.

Do you know how to build ephedrine based ECA Stack fat burner?

Ephedra and Aspirin

As stated hereinabove, Ephedra and Aspirin both are the most widely blended ingredients of ECA stack. The Aspirin is also popularly known as the Acetylsalicylic Acid which is the most effective drug frequently used due to its known effectiveness of relieving minor body-aches and pains, relieve fevers as well as anti-inflammatory properties. As a matter of fact, Aspirin is being used for the past thousands of years as found in the historical studies. Also as stated by the renowned Greek physician, Hippocrates in whose honor the most widely known ‘Hippocratic Oath’ is named, revealed sometimes during the 5th century BC regarding the bitter tasting powder extracted from White Willow Bark [Salix Alba] which was used for relieving the human body from aches, pains and reduce body temperatures or fevers.

Aspirin nowadays is widely used as the anti-clotting i.e. it has the quality of thinning the blood density proving to be the most actively evading the heart attack possibilities too. According to the medical sciences the cardiac patients are heavily dosed with Aspirin post heart attacks.

Furthermore, the Aspirin is the most significant constituent in the popular ECA stack which is the mixture of Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. The Aspirin stimulates the body heat tolerances which in turn is the most significant fevers combatant.

The human body experiences thermogenesis effects especially with Ephedra and Caffeine while exercising. Thermogenesis really means that while exercising, the muscles generate the internal heat in the human body which gets further promoted by these Ephedra and Caffeine because of the enhanced sum of body fats being burned thereby resulted by the exercises.

Aspirin works effectively in ECA stack as it boosts the body resistance to heat permitting the effects of Ephedra and Caffeine to continue for longer spell in the body. In fact, this enables the human body burning the fats for the extended spell of time.

Ephedra, Ephedrine, Ma Huang

It has been widely known the world over that Ephedra or Ma Huang has been actually in regular use in the Chinese conventional medicines used for the treatment of weight loss for almost over 5000 years now. In fact, the Ephedra is derived from the herb popularly known as Ma Huang and is being used in China for thousands of years as medicine for treating the water retention, asthma and sweating. Furthermore, it is the most powerful yet fully natural bronchodilator which means it has highly effective quality for decongestions. The additional most effective property of Ephedra is its efficiency in appetite suppression and enhancing the natural metabolism in human body. Basically, the sensitive nervous system is also naturally stimulated by the effect of Ephedra which in turn promotes the thermogenesis process in body or rather the eaten foods transformed into the body heat. Typical people with lower metabolism i.e. the low basal metabolic rate should take Ma Huang or Ephedra for controlling and successfully hamper the amount of eaten foods being transformed to the body fats.

Caffeine and Ephedra

Caffeine lesser known as Methyl Theo Bromine is naturally produced Alkaloid found in some foods like Coffee Beans, Tea, Kola Nuts and Cacao Beans. Caffeine is well known for thousands of years for its wonderful medicinal quality of stimulating the central nervous system which significantly boosts the cerebral awareness in its user’s body. Furthermore, Caffeine also stimulates the respiratory process, heart beat rates and promotes the gentle diuretic effects.

Due to Caffeine’s quality of promoting the central nervous system process, discharges the hormone epinephrine naturally by the body responding to boost the nervous system. As a result it enhances hear rate, blood circulation to the muscles and inner organs as well as discharge glucose from liver for the muscle’s use. Basically it benefits the body during exercise as the muscles needs the extended blood supply for more oxygen and the blood requires more circulating glucose necessary to be used for stamina.

The recommended dosage of ECA program for the starters

It entirely depends on the person as somebody notice great success within very short period of initiating full ECA stack dose programs. Whereas for the people initiate with smaller dose and adjust them into the dosage program gradually.
In fact, initially the small dose is advisable to ascertain the body’s resistance to ECA stack, and slowly dose size should be raised to the full program for safer results. This is mainly because of the difference in human bodies as for somebody suggested dose of ECA stack may prove to be stronger initially hence they should ideally raise their dosage to an extent they feel comfortable. It is also believed that gradually reaching the full dose size to evade chances of adverse effects, and is advisable to tune the body for adapting ECA stack to its full dose.
During initial 5 days of program slower rise in dosage is ideal for people willing to take just half of the suggested dosage. They should start full dosage program within 3-4 weeks thereof and take an interval of up to two weeks. This is just the overview for ECA stack program and you should design dosage plan according to your requirements. Consult your doctor before initiating ECA stack or any exercise programs.

Ephedrine HCL products

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If you are interested in receiving of some information about a proper dieting, exercising, taking EC Stack you’ll find in this article. It contains the following facts and recommendations:

  • the way you should determine your calorie intake (making notes, creating a calorie count, consulting the doctor)
  • reducing and cutting out some food from your menu (which food is better to eat and which not)
  • which food you should substitute and what to take instead of eat (the questions of tastiness, side dishes, the importance of breakfast etc.)
  • creating your own menu
  • the size of portion you eat
  • snakes and what they should be like
  • the amount of fiber in your food
  • the importance of water
  • what about exercises (aerobic exercise and weight training)
  • your rest
  • setting realistic goals
  • a healthy way of life forever
  • the importance of confidence and self-discipline
  • the use of supplements
  • important tips about weight loss
  • the way you should make your own exercising plan
  • the warnings and risks of unhealthy dieting.

All these in details and much more important facts you’ll find here-weight loss tips
We hope this information will help you and you’ll reach weight loss goals.

The process of losing weight is rather easy to describe in several words. You reduce the number of calories you consume a day, increase your activity and therefore a net loss of calories is caused by burning a certain amount of calories and your body has to use its own stores of fat.. read more