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Ephedrine HCL products

Pure Ephedrine 12.5mg
Ephedrine Plus 12.5 mg, 6ct $9.97
2 - 3 / $9.55
4 - 5 / $7.95
6 - 11 / $7.75
12 - 23 / $7.55
24 - 53 / $7.25
54+ / $6.95

Facts about Aspirin

Aspirin or white willow bark (its herbal equivalent) was a constant ingredient of ephedra supplements used before. It’s not recommended to include aspirin to EC Stack but if you want to replace it with baby aspirin (81mg). There are various reasons to avoid taking aspirin. It’s medically proved that supplements containing only ephedrine and caffeine are far more effective than those with aspirin. ECA Stack contained 325mg in each dose and taking such dosage 3 times a day decreases the risks of high blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms including ulcers and others. As a nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug aspirin is dangerous to use 3 times a day at the dosage of about 1000 mg. And it’s allowed only by physicians. 

Dosing based on 20 or 25 mg ephedrine HCL pills (or ephedrine sulfate)

1E = 20 or 25 mg ephedrine
0.5E = 10 or 12.5 mg ephedrine
A caffeine tablet is 200 mg. So 1C = 200 mg, 0.5C = 100 mg
Day 1 – You should find out whether your organism is hypersensitive to ephedrine. So you take just 1 dose which is 0.5E 0.5C. You’ll feel as you have drunk too much coffee- your heart rate will increase and you’ll have slight jitters. Everything is in norm. 
Day 2-3 – Your dosage is 0.5E 0.5C 3 times a day with minimum 4-hours breaks. It’s recommended to take the last dose 6 hours before you go to sleep.
Day 4-7 – You’ll take the full dose only once a day- it will be the first. So you take 1E 1C, 0.5E 0.5C, 0.5E 0.5C.
Day 8-14 – Your dosage will be 1E 1C, 1E 1C, 0.5E 0.5C
Day 15 and onward - 1E 1C 3 times a day
You should decrease the dose of EC a day to 2 doses and take the last dose 6-8 hours before your bedtime if you have problems with your sleep.

Dosing based on 8 mg ephedrine HCL pills

1E = One 8 mg ephedrine HCL pill
A caffeine tablet is 200 mg.
Day 1 – You should be sure that your body will have no sensitive reactions on ephedrine. And though it happens rarely you should take only one dose this day- 1E 0.5C. Fast heart rate, slight jitters are normal reaction of the organism.
Day 2-3 – Your dosage is 1E 0.5C 3 times a day at least 4 hours apart. Take the last dose minimum 6 hours before going in bed.
Day 4-6 - 2E 1C, 1E 0.5C, 1E 0.5C
Day 7-9 – You take 2E 1C, 2E 1C, 1E 0.5C
Day 9-11 - 2E 1C 3 times a day
Day 12-14 - 3E 1C, 3E 1C, 2E 1C
Day 15 and onward - 3E 1C 3 times a day
If you can’t sleep well and feel uncomfortable you’d better take only 2 doses a day and the last dose should be taken 6-8 hours before you go in bed.

What you should remember

1 – Caffeine is a diuretic and therefore you should drink a lot of water. You shouldn’t use tea, coffee, cola or other products containing caffeine together with EC Stack. 
2 – Caffeine can cause discomfort of bladder and if you have it don’t take caffeine for a day or two. If it doesn’t help you should take 2 doses or cut the dose in half.
3 – The thermogenic effects, the loss of appetite and the fat loss, getting extra energy continue for a long time and it’s up to you to decide when to stop taking EC Stack. Caffeine instead of ephedrine is addictive and it’s not recommended to make a cycle of 8 weeks. After 4-6 weeks of taking EC you’d better make two-weeks break. You should continue taking caffeine, stop taking ephedrine and when you start new cycle you should raise the dosage of ephedrine slowly following the schedule.
4 – You’d better eat small meals containing about 200 calories more frequently because EC causes the severe loss of appetite and it can become a problem. Cereals with milk, whey shakes, fruits are what you need. To keep your organism in a good state you should consume the proper number of calories a day- and it’s at least your BMR.
5 – EC Stack contains special ingredients which relieve shortness of breath, wheezing due to bronchial asthma, tightness of chest, makes the cough more productive.
So taking EC will help your asthma allowing you to breath easier.

If you have high blood pressure, skipped or irregular heart beat, agitation, dizziness, panic or other health problems you should immediately stop taking EC.
Of course EC Stack contains such ingredients which cause the rise of heart rate and but it shouldn’t be above 80% MHR during cardio. And you should be moderate in activity trying not to risk.

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