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* What is ECA stack?

The abbreviation "ECA Stack"stands for a class of diet pills which gained their extreme popularity due to their key ingredients: Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. All of these components are of organic origin and can be used for multiple purposes. Still blended together and fulfilled with a cocktail of vitamins, microelements and other useful natural extracts and fusions hey are able to produce an effective weight-loss action. There exist hundreds of types of diet supplements which contain these three as key ingredients. Let's see into each component and make out the mechanisms of their work.
- Epherda and Epherdine and the mention of their effects date back to Ancient Asia where plant known as Ma Huang (Epherda) was effectively used to fight asthma, to stimulate heart rate and keep central nervous system healthy and alert. Ephedrine is a kind of alkaloid extracted from Ephedra plant. It is widely found in ECA Stack and its amount in proprietary blends varies from 20 to 30 mg. It's main purpose is to suppression of appetite and metabolism intensification.
- Aspirine as well as its medicinal effect was known by ancient Greeks. In old writings they mention White Willow Bark powder which appeared to be a precious source of Salicin. When consumed, Salicin gets transformed by human body in Salycilic Acid , which is a perfect aid in case of fever, pains or any kind of inflammation. It also has a property to thin the blood. That's why so often people of older age and those endured heart attacks are prescribed daily doses of Aspirin. It's essential for reducing the risk of vessel congestion. More that that Aspirin is widely used to stimulate the organism's resistance to internal heat, thus increasing thermogenesis which leads to losing unwanted fat.
- Caffeine which is also known as Theo Bromine is found in such plants as Mate, Guarana, Cola, Coffee tree, Tea, Cocoa beans and some other. It's a strong stimulator of the nervous system. When consumed, caffeine keeps the mind alert and toned up, increases heart rate and the blood pressure. stimulates motion activity and possesses a mild diuretic property.

Bargain ephedra sport one eca stack with 75mg ephedra extract

If you are looking for the super-strong diet product - Sports One Bargain Ephedra is exactly you need! This product will help you to get a perfect body in no time by increasing your metabolic rate, suppressing appetite and burning extra fat immediately! Sports One Bargain Ephedra contains 75 mg Ephedra Extract & 300 mg Caffeine Anyhdrous USP, 55 mg of L-Carnitine and other strong herbal elements. Such a mixture of 100 % herbal components is the quickest way to your health & beauty!

Black Knight diet pills If your dream is to lose extra fat in certain areas of your body, Black Knight diet pills will help you to do it in no time! The unique formula of this very product combines 50 mg of Ephedra leaves, Bitter Orange, L-Carnitine, White Willow Bark, Green Tea, Caffeine Anhydrous and Pure Hoodia. Moreover, there are 650 mg of Proprietary Blend (Synephrine HCL, Caffeine Anhydrous USP and Cayenne Pepper). All these super-strong ingredients work in order to improve your body and give you a sexy outlook very quickly! $29.99
Black Mamba Ephedra If you are looking for the fastest and the most effective way to stay energized as lose your extra pounds, Black Mamba Ephedra is for you! It contains 65 mg CoreX which helps to boost energy and to burn fat. 180 mg Thermo-Extend Matrix and 110 mg Amine Matrix improve mental focus, give you unlimited energy, reduce your hunger pains as the extract of Carraluma controls your appetite! Black Mamba Ephedra will make you feel perfect and strong all day long!

Black Widow Ephedra Diet Pills Black Widow Ephedra Diet Pills are among the most powerful products available nowadays. Ephedra extract is highly effective in increase of weight loss while other ingredients help to feel great and be in a perfect mood, to boost your energy and to eat less. Black Widow is strong product for enthusiast with experience in powerful dietary supplement! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$28.33 (per item)
Cloma China White 25 Ephedra If you want to be beautiful and sexy with a perfect figure in no time - buy China White Ephedra Diet Pills! This very supplement gives you a great chance to become beautiful without any treatments! China White Diet Pills contains such super strong elements like 25 mg of Ephedra Extract, 250 mg of Caffeine USP, 100 mg of White Willow Bark, Rhodiola Rosea, Acacia Rigadula, Irvingia Gabonesis and Olive Leaf Extract. This specific mixture will broad your mind and realize all your dreams about a perfect figure! $29.99
Diablos ECA Fire Caps Diablos ECA Fire Caps with 50 mg of Ephedra is an excellent diet product nowadays! If you want to get the body of your dream with minimal treatments - choose Diablos Fire Caps! This very diet product is based on ECA, CoreX, Amine Matrix and Thermo CAMP Complex. Diablos ECA Fire Caps will burn your extra fat by boosting metabolism and energy levels, improving mental focus, assisting in appetite control and providing antioxidants! $49.99
2-5/$44.99 (per item)
6+/$39.99 (per item)
NutraStart Diet Burn Diet Burn Ephedra pills with 50 mg of Ephedra Extract improve your physical and mental state immediately! Diet Burn Ephedra bases on 100% herbal extracts like Ephedra, Caffeine, Guarana, Citrus Auranthium and Cayenne Pepper. This very diet product increases your metabolic rate, boosts additional energy and works with your mental concentration. All these factors make your fat-burning process more intensive! $39.99
Sports One Ephedra-drene ECA Sports One Ephedra-drene ECA diet pills is the right product for the fastest weight -loose process. It is important to know that this very supplement is based on only 100 % herbal extracts like ECA-combination and Citrus Aurantium, Theobromine, Green Tea and so one. All these elements are worked in order to achieve the best fat-burning results. Sports One Ephedra-drene ECA diet pills improve your metabolic rate, burn extra calories and give additional energy! You have a great opportunity to forget about problems with your extra-weight in no time! $34.95
EPH-25 Ephedra + Caffeine EPH-25 Pure Energy Ephedra is the strongest and the most effective agent in the world of fat loss and energized products! For it special contents which include only 25 mg ephedra and 200 mg caffeine anhydrous you will get extra-energy and burn your fat in a moment! Moreover, there are no extra ingredients and even sugar in EPH-25! Only EPH-25 allows such benefits as energy intensifying, mental alerting and boosting your metabolism with the help of herbal extracts! $33.99
EPH-100 Feature rich ephedra pills EPH 100 Ephedra is a strong fat burning product because of it special ingredients. EPH 100 contains 100 mg of Proprietary Ephedran X Blend, 300 mg of caffeine, 1, 3, 7 Trimethyl Xanthine and the Thermonex blend which main functions are to fulfill you extra-power and energy in a moment and burn fat! 900 mg Zanthinol Proprietary Blend gives additional quantity of extra-energy lasting for 8 hours! With the help if unique lipolyses in the mixture EPH 100 your metabolic rate becomes higher! EPH 100 Ephedra is a necessary thing for people want sexy figure as brave mood immediately! $39.99
2/$37.55 (per item)
3/$33.33 (per item)
Fireburn Fireburn Ephedra is a wonderful fat burning product with immediate and effective result! The secret of Fireburn Ephedra is hidden in it ingredients! Thanking to 27 mg of highly effective ephedra and strong herbal extracts of Theobroma Cocoa, Citrus Aurantium 60%, Green Tea you will get many benefits for your health as addition to instant fat disappearance! Fireburn Ephedra splits your fat, highs your metabolism, gives extra bursts of energy! Fireburn is the most effective and fastest way to your beauty and health! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$$28.33 (per item)
Firestorm ephedra If you want to forget about fat and get extra energy in no time - chose FireStorm Ephedra! FireStorm helps you to burn extra weight with the help of such effects as raising the level of metabolism! Special extracts of FireStorm Ephedra product for example as 25mg Ephedra Per Serving, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hoodia Extract (cactus) and White Willow Bark give you many serious benefits based on only herbal features! It is not a fairy-tale! FireStorm Ephedra is the ideal solution for burning fat immediately but staying brave and energized during the whole time! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$$28.33 (per item)
Green Surge from ASN

We are glad to perform you a super-strong Green Surge diet supplement! Green Surge is based on 27 mg of ephedra and many other herbal extracts which are mixed in order to achieve unreal results! Green Surge improves natural thermogenic abilities, triggers dynamic weight loss changes and increases your metabolism during the whole workout! Choose Green Surge and rebuilt your body shape easily and quickly!

Hellfire EPH 150 Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative Bio Labs contains natural ingredients designed to make your weight loss and exercising much more effective. Using this highly effective and medically proven product you:
- You burn away body fat and even fat from the most problematic zones
- Your metabolic rate is increased and your body burns more calories even when you are just sitting down.
- You don't feel tired and stay energetic and feel great.
- You can eat the same food you get used to as your appetite is reduced and you still lose more weight.
2/$57.99 (per item)
High Octane Ephedra High Octane 100 Ephedra is the super-strongest and the most effective fat-loosing and energized product in the market nowadays! It has quickly results thanking to special substances! With a unique combination of the newest fat burning ingredients, High Octane 100 is the favorite of all dieters! High Octane 100 contains 100% natural herbal extracts with fairy benefits! There are 100 mg pure ephedra extract, 900 mg weight-loss proprietary blends, 300 mg caffeine anhydrous, Thermonex and Xanthinol ingredients! High Octane 100 gives wonderful results in physical and mental health! $49.99
2/$47.99 (per item)
Hydroxyslim fat burner

It you are dreaming about the super slim figure without any treatments - choose Hydroxyslim with 20 mg of ephedra extract. Hydroxyslim will cope with your extra fat with the help of special content. Hydroxyslim is based on only pure herbal extracts like 20 mg of Ephedra Extract, Guarana Extract, Bitter Orange fruit, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambiogia , Acacia Rigidula leaves, Theobromine andYohimbe Extracts. These very ingredients combine such properties as burning extra fat, increasing your metabolic rate, improving your mental system and giving additional energy!

Sports One Jacked Up Sports One Jacked Up Ephedra Diet Pills is the most effective way to be beautiful and strong in no time! Due to such 100 % strong herbal components as 25 mg of Ma Huang Extract Leaves, 500 mg of Hoodia Gordonii, 250 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous USP and 250 mg of White Willow Bark Extract you will get fairy results! $34.44
Lean and Hot antioxidants

If you want to get a sexy body in no time, without any treatments and side effects - choose Lean and Hot Ephedra Diet Pills! The ingredients of this product such as ECA stack with 27 mg of ephedra and 1000 mg of the Acai berry extract make your weight-loosing process much more effective! Lean & Hot Ephedra increases metabolism, boosts energy, suppresses appetite and controls the rate of your mental concentration.

2/$48.49 (per item)
4/$46.66 (per item)
We want to perform you Liquid Ephedra Caps famous for it strong formula! Liquid Ephedra Caps is a product #1 in the world of fat burned agents! The secret of Liquid Ephedra Caps is in containing of 27 mg of liquid ephedra instead of the traditional Ephedra Extract! Liquid Ephedra and other strong ingredients as Synephrine and White Willow Bark high the rate of your metabolism and burn extra fat in no time! Also Liquid Ephedra Caps is considered to have such benefits as appetite suppression and improvement of mental processes! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
Fast Acting Liquid ECA Stack You have already fed up with enormous attempts in keeping diets or using different fat burners? We are glad to offer you revolution Liquid Smacker Ephedra diet pills! The secret of the most effective & fastest Liquid Smacker's action is in it content.
Liquid Smacker Ephedra is based on unique mixture of strongest components like 35 mg liquid Ephedra Extract, 190 mg of Caffeine, 20 mg of Synephrine HCL and 4 mg of Yohimbine HCL. The interaction of all these thermogenic components increases your metabolism, improves blood circulation and refines alertness. With the help of Liquid Smacker Ephedra you can enlarge energy & built very sexy body in no time!
LiquidFire Ephedra Diet Pills by GE Pharma will solve your problems with extra fat in no time! LiquidFire Ephedra Diet Pills is the newest and the most effective remedy in the hugest world of dieting products! LiquidFire pills contain 35mg of liquid ephedra as a based element which makes the process of burning fat faster and more effective! The additional herbal extracts as caffeine, white willow bark, naringin and many others speed up the effect of LiquidFire Ephedra! Loosing extra fat without feeling tired? LiquidFire Ephedra will help you to make such changes in several moments! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$28.33 (per item)
Original Lipodrene Lipodrene is considered to be an innovative super strong fat-burner. The new formula of Lipodrene is a special lipo-catabolic system of burning extra fat and boosting additional energy. Lipodrene is based on only natural extracts like 100 mg of caffeine anhydrous and so-named Proprietary Blend with Thermo-Rx and Extend-Rx contained 25 mg of Ephedra Extract (leaves), Hoodia gordonii and Acacia Rigidula Extract (leaves). Lipodrene ephedra diet pills will help you to forget about extra weight as staying brave! $29.99
Lipodrene Hardcore version with Ephedra

New Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra talks for itself with its name. Now when it comes with 25 mg of Ephedra, it provides you with more energy, thermogenic action and better mental performance! The fans of Original Lipodrene Hardcore will appreciate the difference. High-quality ingredients of the supplement such as Yohimbine 8% Extract, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Naringen, Cassia will grant you with mind-blowing power of energy and metabolism enhancing action!

2/$38.49 (per item)
4/$33.99 (per item)
6/$30.99 (per item)
Lipodrol ephedra pills Lipodrol Ephedra with 50 mg is an excellent weight-loose product! It contains such super-strong extracts as 50 mg of ephedra leaves, citrus auranthium, green tea, caffeine anhydrous USP, guggulsterone, white willow bark and gymnema sylvestre (equal to L-Carnitine tartrate). This combination will burn your extra fat in no time without losing energy! Moreover, Lipodrol Ephedra with 50 mg improves your mental concentration and alertness. $39.99
Myopharma LipoTherm Extreme LipoTherm Extreme ECA Stack is an ideal mixture of active ingredients for those who want to lose weight, get toned up and maintain good health at the same time. LipoTherm Extreme contains a good dose of Ephedra Extract (25 mg), is rich in caffeine (100 mg) which provide the best fat burning effect. Effective organic antioxidants and metabolism stimulants are included among which are Green tea Extract, Ginseng Extract, 100 mg of Citrus Aurantium (30% Synephrine) and Hoodia extract. LipoTherm Extreme will boost up your metabolism, burn fat really quick, suppress the appetite and give plenty of energy. Plus its essential vitamins and microelements will take care of your mental performance and health in common. $35.99
Megadrine RFA-1 It you want to get a perfect body without treatments - use Megadrine RFA-1! This very weight loss product is considered to be the most effective one in the world of diet pills! Megadrine RFA-1 is based on such strong ingredients as 20 mg of Pantothenic Acid, 10 mg of Ephedra Extract (leaves), Bitter Orange and Guarana Extracts. 195 mg of Proprietary Thermogenic Blend contains White Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract and others. Megadrine RFA-1 will improve your metabolic rate, burn fat & give you additional energy as suppress your appetite! $29.95
Metabodrin 365 is considered to be very strong fat burner! MetaboDrin 365 contains a dynamic weight-loss element names Ephedra Extract and many other natural herbal extracts which solve all your problems with extra-weight and additional energy! MetaboDrin 365 allows you to control appetite, raise the rate metabolism, increase energy and alertness and loose your extra weight immediately! If you want to have a sexy body without efforts - bye Metabodrin 365! $34.99
Methyl Ephedra ECA Stack If you are looking for super effective diet product - Sports One Methyl Ephedra ECA is the right agent you need. It contains 25 mg of Ephedra extract, 250 mg of caffeine and 110 mg of Aspirin (salicylic acid). This combination is also known as ECA and helps you to improve your metabolic rate, burn extra fat as stay brave during the whole day! $39.99
Methyldrene Elite Are you looking for Ephedra-containing supplement that is really effective? Look closer up here. New Methyldrene Elite with 25 mg of Ephedra Extract will help you lose unwanted pounds in a blink of an eye. Added Vitamins B6 and B12, 100 mg of Ginseng, 25 mg of Cayenne and Black Pepper Extracts will burn the fat real fast and you'll get on the way to the perfect body! $49.99
Pure Ephedrine 8mg Kaizen Ephedrine HCL 8mg, 50 tabs Pure Ephedrine HCL $9.99
Pyroburn ECA Stack PyroBurn is a very strong fat-burner which is mixed of numerous natural herbal extracts! PyroBurn Ephedra by GE Pharma contains 30 mg of ephedra extract, citrus aurantium, guarana, tramine, yohimbe, caffeine anhydrous, white willow bark, kola nut, green tea extract and what not! All these ingredients are gathered to reach such achievements as improving the rate of thermogenic metabolism, enriching your stamina and energy levels, developing your mental & awareness as burning extra weight! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$28.33 (per item)
Rhino Rush enegy drink Rhino Rush Energy Shots is a brand new solution to losing weight and increasing every day energy. Being enriched with ephedra extract Rhino Rush is just what you must be looking for! Powerful natural fusion from Ephedra charges with a rush of energy and stimulates metabolism. Added Acacia Rigidula extract brings difference to the product. By increasing thermo genesis it makes your working out more effective and enhances fat burn. Coming in 2 oz. servings Rhino Rush can also be shared into 2 servings. Among energy boosting ingredients of this high-quality product there are 30mg of Ephedra extract, 200 mg of caffeine, and additional Acacia Rigidula and Green tea extracts. Rich in antioxidants and metabolism boosters Rhino Rush will help you create the body of your dream in no time. Pay attention to this Energy Product for it`s going to amaze you with the way it works.

12/$4.99 (per item)
24/$3.99 (per item)
Ripped UP Ephedra Ripped Up Ephedra is a super-strong mixture of different effective components in the world of up-to-date fat burners. The basic feature of Ripped Up Ephedra is in increasing your metabolism and burning extra body fat in a moment! Such nice results can be reached thanking to special contains of Ripped Up Ephedra. The important compound of this formula can be characterized with 20mg of ephedra extract, theobromine, green tea, phenylethylamine, 455mg Guarana! The interaction of all the elements Ripped Up Ephedra helps you to loose weight and highs your energy levels very fast! $32.95
Starter 2 Starter 2 Ephedra is a perfect weight loss product on the modern market of diet agents! Starter 2 is based on only 100 % herbal extracts like 25 mg of Ephedra, White Willow Bark, Citrus auranthium, Caffeine anhydrous USP, Gymnema Sylvester and others. All these ingredients have no side effects. Starter 2 improves your body in no time and gives additional bursts of energy, raises your metabolic rate through the roof, promotes weight loss. Get a sexy figure today with the help of super strong Starter 2 diet product! $39.99
2-5/$35.99 (per item)
6+/$33.99 (per item)
Starter 3 Ephedra 25mg by Winstar Labs Start your weight-losing program today with super strong Starter 3 fat burning diet pills! This innovative diet agent contains only 100 % effective herbal extracts like 25 mg of ephedra extract, hoodia gordinii, caffeine, white willow bark, citrus auranthium, L-carnitine. Starter 3 powerful combination helps you to achieve weight loss goals immediately! Starter 3 burns your extra fat effectively and increases endurance and mental focus. Don`t waste your time and money anymore - buy Starter 3 today and enjoy fairy results! $39.99
2-5/$35.99 (per item)
6+/$33.99 (per item)
Smacker Ephedra 100 Caps Smacker Ephedra 100 Caps
Smacker containing the proper dosage of all ECA Stack ingredients- ephedra (25mg), caffeine and aspirin provides you with ultimate fat burning and weight loss. Hoodia Gordonii is an ancient South African cactus extract used for centuries as an super effective appetite suppressant.
New version of Stimerex Hardcore Ephedra Stimerex Hardcore with Epherda is a revolution in the sphere of diet supplements! Containing 25mg of active ingredient Ephedra Leaves Extract, it boosts you up with energy and turns metabolic processes to a higher rate, which burns unneeded fat in no time! Added organic fusions from Grapefruit, Cocoa and Geranium promote good mental performance and appetite control. Choose Stimerex Hardcore with Ephedra and you'll get effective result in the shortest time! $39.99
2/$38.49 (per item)
4/$33.99 (per item)
6/$30.99 (per item)
phentalene 90 ct Phentalene is a brand new ECA Stack which is useful and effective at the same time. It is productive when it comes to excess weight-loss and it also dedicated to take care of your health. Enriched with 25mg of Vitamin B12 and 50mg of Ephedra Extract it is created to boost-up your life energy and prolong activity. Wondrous Raspberry Keytones provide divine smell and promote fat burning as well. Try it and see the effect $34.99
Thermophedra Ephedra with 25mg It you want to forget about your extra weight - choose Thermophedra! This very diet product is famous due to its special weight-loose benefits! Thermophedra Ephedra burns your extra-fat in no time by increasing metabolism and influencing on all body systems. Moreover, Thermophedra gives you additional energy and you feel brave like never before! Thermophedra consists of only natural extracts like 25 mg of Ephedra and 200 mg of Caffeine and 605 mg of Proprietary Blend with such elements as Hoodia Gordonii Cactus, Magnolia Bark, Green Tea Extract and so on. Thermophedra Ephedra is the best way to your beauty! $39.99
Yellow burst ephedra Yellow Burst is the strongest fat burner and one of the most effective agents among our products! Yellow Burst is a new stimulator using for weight-loss process as getting extra energy! Yellow Burst contains 20 mg ephedra and such herbal extracts as Hoodia and Green Tea Powder, Caffeine. With the help of Yellow Burst you can forget about your fat without the feeling of hunger as get additional energy at the same time! $39.95
Yellow scorpion ephedra If you are looking for highly affective pre-work out product and appetite suppresser, Yellow Scorpion is new weight loss product for you! It contains 25mg ephedra extract that is so important for energy boost and fat burning. And the properties of Acacia Rigidula, that is a source of norepinephrine and that increases the metabolic rate, will also make you feel great and energetic all day long! $29.99
2/$28.99 (per item)
3/$28.33 (per item)
Ultimate Burn Ultimate Burn ephedra diet product is considered to be one of the most effective supplements nowadays! Ultimate Burn will cope with all your problems about extra fat in no time! Ultimate Burn burns your fat by boosting metabolize and increasing energy levels. This super strong formula of Ultimate Burn includes only 100 % herbal extracts like 27 mg of Ephedra, 300 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous,150 mg of Acacia Rigidula, 100 mg of Citrus Aurantium and two complexes: Thyroid Complex and Heat Complex. Make your dream about perfect body come true. $49.99
2/$47.99 (per item)
3-5/$45.33 (per item)
6/$39.99 (per item)
Yellow Bullet Delta Health Yellow Bullet diet pills are based on 25 mg of ephedra extract and 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous plus some additional elements. Yellow Bullet increases the rate of your metabolism and gives additional energy. Moreover, Yellow Bullet improves your mental activity by influencing on your focus and concentration rates. You have a great opportunity to get a figure of your dream in no time without side effects by using Delta Health Yellow Bullet! $39.99

2/$37.99 (per item)
3/$33.33 (per item)
Yellow Max from NSL If you want to forget about extra fat in no time and you are looking for the most effective diet product - Yellow Max Ephedra diet pills with 25 mg is the right choice! Due to the special formula of Yellow Max which is based on 465 mg of Yellow Max special proprietary blend with Ephedra leaves, Citrus Auranthium, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous USP, White Willow Bark, L-Carnitine and so on! Start your new day with Yellow Max Ephedra diet pills! $39.99
Yellow 25x Xtreme with 25mg of Ephedra Yellow 25x Xtreme with 25mg of Ephedra will help you to forget about all problems with extra pounds in no time! This very diet agent burns your extra fat, increases metabolism & energy levels and improves your mental concentration! Yellow 25x Xtreme contains only 3 strong extracts: 25 mg of Ephedra, 200 mg of Caffeine and 50 mg of Cayenne. With the help of this very mixture you will get a sexy body immediately! $44.99
Whacked Out 100 Ephedra Whacked Out Ephedra 100 diet pills by Sports One is the strongest diet product in the world. Whacked Out 100 is a fairy combination of additional energy, perfect physical & mental stimulator and super-speed fat-burner! Whacked Out 100 is considered to be the most powerful fat-burning & muscle agent due to the special formula which combines 100 mg of Expedra Extract & and 714 mg of Proprietary Blend. $34.96
Yellow bullet extreme ephedra Yellow Bullet Extreme 100ct Dreaming of perfect body? When looking for reaL change everything seems good, but you should only pay attention to products of high quality. Let Yellow Bullet Extreme turn a page in your life to a strong and fit gorgeous body Yellow Bullet Extreme by Delta Health Products contains 50 mg Ephedra Extract & Niacin Acid and Calcium as its main supplements. Plenty of vital microelements will support your body on the way to perfection and make your every day! $39.99
2/$37.99 (per item)
3/$33.33 (per item)
finabolic liquid ephedra Looking for support for your workouts? Check out Finabolic Liquid Ephedra by GE Pharma! Giving you extra energy and focus it is able to raise the quality of your daily life and let you workout more effectively with better result! Don't miss a top quality product. $29.99
Red Vipers Ephedra diet pills Thinking of changing the way you look radically, losing extra pounds and getting fit and healthy? Check out Red Vipers Ephedra pills that are determined to help you on your way to perfection and beauty! Top ingredients have been selected to benefit your health as much as you can imagine! $39.99
2/$37.99 (per item)
3/$33.3 (per item)
Phen FX Ephedra Really want to get rid of unwanted weight and release your fit and healthy body? Turn to our brand new Phen FX by Beta Labs designed especially for quick and effective dieting and getting fitter than ever. Natural components such as Ephedra Extract and Green tea extract alongside with powerful proprietary blend will burn your fat and detoxify your body real good! $49.99
2/$47.99 (per item)

Our site is devoted to multiple diet supplements which serve several functions at once:

  • help lose unwanted pounds
  • provide the body with extra energy supply
  • promote metabolic effect
  • suppress appetite
  • stimulate nervous processes
  • maintain good mood
  • enrich the organism with vitamins

For your safety and fine effect it's strongly recommended that you keep to those simple reasonable rules for ECA Stack consumer:

  • consult your doctor on the subject of contra-indications before using any supplement (especially for individuals with cardiac problems)
  • keep to the recommended dosage to avoid the risk of side effects
  • restrict the intake of caffeine-containing sources like tea, coffee or medications containing pheylephrine or caffeine

And a few more tips:
Losing weight is a serious measure taken to your body. It means you have to treat it with care. Do not take full dose of supplement at once. Increase the dosage day by day to let the organism get used to it.
Working out is a big plus. It promotes good results greatly. But do not force your body in fat burning and pound shedding. As you are exercising, you gain muscle mass and lose certain fat mass. That's why you may not see great results in weight-shift. It's normal because you substitute unneeded fat by healthy excellent tissues. It just needs a little more time for you to see the outcome.
And remember that healthy food is hundred times more useful than any junk snacks. Pay more attention to fruits, legumes and fish. Take care of what you eat. We are what we consume. Hearty breakfasts, good lunches and simple modest dinners are the base of healthy regular diet.
Create the body of your dream and love yourself!